Monday, April 11, 2011

iPads for Kindergardeners: "More Important Than A Book"

Auburn, Maine Superintendent Tom Morrill believes iPads are an essential tool for Kindergarden learning at a total cost of $200,000. Apple offered a special deal of $475 for each iPad and Superintendent Morrill will look at the budget and grants to fund this "essential to that is even more important than a book."

Not everyone agrees. Auburn school parent Nicole Fortin said: “It’s crazy! I look at all of the budgetary restraints we have. Our school system loses money every year to certain things. This is a lot to put in the hands of a 5-year-old.”

Watch the report here:


  1. I'm not generally teacher sympathic but;

    Do we need to give kids $500.00 toys, so we can cry poverty when teachers want pay raises.....


  2. The drumbeat is that technology is the key. I noticed that cost-benefit was not mentioned. Is a $500 per Kindergardener investment going to help the students learn how to write and recognize their letters better than other means? These are after all 5 year olds. According to some news reports, the kids will be able to take the iPads home.

  3. So an 70-80% annual replacement rate, if you're lucky