Thursday, June 16, 2011

Florida Test Results: You Cheated, You Lied

Jaime Escalante came to mind today. Remember the movie Stand and Deliver, the story of the Los Angeles teacher, who taught AP Calculus to kids from a not so good Los Angeles neighborhood? He helped them pass the AP exam, but the outstanding results were called into question. The kids took the test again, and passed. The movie is based on a true story.

Several Florida school districts woke up to bad news this morning. Scathing Purple Musings reports that 100 students at Volusia and Flagler schools are being reviewed for possible cheating.

After a review using statistical analyses conducted by the Caveon Test Security, 14 counties have been contacted by the Florida Department of Education to investigate for cheating due to "unusual high levels of erasures." The districts are: Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Duval, Flagler, Gadsden, Hillsborough, Jefferson, Lee, Leon, Manatee, Orange, Polk, and Seminole.
UPDATE: Go here to keep on top of this fast-moving story.

No love today for FCAT or End-of-Course tests it seems:

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