Friday, September 9, 2011

The Government has your kids spying on you

No I haven’t been drinking
This is part 2 of  Data Mining our kids, with an added twist

Back when I went to school we were taught that in terrible places like Russia and the other communist controlled dictatorships behind the Iron Curtain, the government made school kids spy on their parents.   The kids were supposed to let their teachers know what they listened to on the radio or if their parents talked about the government… of course the kids were told this was so the government would know what they could do to help the students family help the student learn better.
We were told that only happened in communist or fascist dictatorships..  We were told that was one of the things that made us better than them.  Fast forward 50 some years, the modern computer’s been invented, Barack Obama’s in the White House and we start to find out it not only can, it is happening here– under the guise of  Obama’s Race to the Top Program Education Reform…
Yesterday my grandson handed me a Dear Parents letter from his elementary school.  The pleasantly worded letter told me about a program called pearsonsuccessnet.  All I had to do was log in with a username, and a password they provided and I could see everything that was going on in his classroom.  Sounds great, who wouldn’t want to know exactly what their kid is doing in school?
I decided to think about it before I logged in, if you’ve been following Sandra in Brevard’s websiteGrumpy Educatorsor if you read part one of this blog,  you’ll know why.  I decided to take a look at their website from the outside first, it only took a second to confirm that Pearson was the same famous testing company  Before I get into that here’s a little more background .
As you saw in yesterdays blog,  Bill Gates developed a program the makes extensive data collection on student possible, it shouldn’t come as any great surprise to find out Gates and Pearson have partnered, putting them both in a position to profit nicely from Education Reform.   They stand to profit nicely enough Bill Gates has seen fit to spend several billion dollars lobbying for it’s passage..   One of the key aspect of the program is that with enough date you can do longitudinal studies.. Of course like Hitler, Stalin. Mao and Richard Nixon you can also compile lists of people you consider potential enemies..

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