Saturday, April 14, 2012

Washington State: Parent Opposition Out of the Shadows

April 13, 2012 UDATE: CBS News Seattle coversthe Snoho,ish School District parents who opted out of expensive, excessive standardized testing. Ninety students opted out.

April 10, 2012 UPDATE: More Washington State parents opt out of standardized testing. A Washington State Senator has taken notice. The Snohomish School District islocated in Olympia, Washington. A school district spokesperson says this about the opt out movement:
"Parents always have the decision to opt their students out of these tests. We respect the decision these parents are making and we’ll see where that takes us.”


The Seattle Times notes a "rebellion over standardized testing in the Seattle Hill neighborhood of southeast Everett echoes a larger uprising around the country."

Parents may opt out in Washington and have acted on this option over time, but not in the larger numbers seen now. This newspaper report may be one o f the first, if not the first, to acknowledge the mounting parent disgust over excessive testing. While bloggers have reported these events and a handful of education-oriented columns, mainstream reporting has ignored the uprisings.

The Texas Association of School Administrators reports Over 200 school districts in Texas have voted opposition to the testing "perversion."

How much longer will parent, community member, and taxpayer opposition to expensive, experimental, and excessive testing be kept in the shadows? Hopefully, this article is an indication of change.

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