Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NUT Report: No parent involvement wanted

Gretchen Herrera, a parent of a child with Asperger's Syndrome and Type 1 diabetes asked to opt out of testing on medical grounds. Her requests were received with threats, resistance, and ultimately denied. The professional opinions from his medical team were ignored. Her son liked the virtual charter school and took the first round of tests, not wanting to "disappoint" anyone.

Mom checked his blood sugar level after the test and it was sky high, just as the lead of his medical team indicated the testing would affect blood sugar levels. In a posting on Facebook, Herrera says that she will not infict the rest of the tests on her son.

Why must I be forced to do what my doctors, my son, and I know will harm him? I want my son to have access to the joyful, useful, relevant, real, and interesting learning experience that our tax dollars pay for? I’d happily take my tax dollars elsewhere, but unfortunately, our compulsory system of compliance doesn’t afford parents such options. I am forced to subject my son to that which will make him physically and emotionally ill if he is to get the education he he deserves. The system has failed and my child is being left behind.

Read the full story here.

NUT = No Unnecessary Tests

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