Thursday, August 25, 2011

Florida: School Board of Brevard invites parent input on student privacy

The Florida Today newspaper covered the School Board of Brevard's decision to examine parent consent when it comes to access to student information. The Board decided to obtain input from parent-advisory groups before making changes to who can request student directory information in accordance with federal laws. According to the Florida Today reports that "the district does not release certain information -- such as photos or email addresses, or a student's grade level or school name -- that federal guidelines allow."

Student directory information currently includes:

  • Student's date and place of birth

  • Dates of attendance and graduation

  • Participation in recognized sports and activities

  • Height and weight of athletic team members

  • Degrees, honors and awards

"Typically, military, colleges and research institutions request the information. In addition, it is often released to graduation vendors, such as those handling class rings or senior photos. Non-educational uses of directory information must be approved by the superintendent, District Spokeswoman Christine Davis said."

Read the full article here.

Information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act can be found here.

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