Thursday, August 4, 2011

NUT Report: 89% Florida schools fail to make AYP requirements

NCLB legislation requires the nations schools to achieve 100% proficiency in assessments or be sanctioned (which means funding cuts). The US Congress agrees that the bar they legislated is unreasonable, but have so far made no adjustments. Under this criteria, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan warned that 82% of the nation's schools would be designated as failing; however, the Secretary has the power to give "waivers." Legislators have been critical of Duncan's waiver procedures, which require adherence to Race to the Top objectives that have not yet been legislated.

Education Week reporters reviewed data and determined that 89% of Florida schools are out of compliance with NCLB mandate to reach 100% proficiency through standardized testing data. Will Florida also request a waiver?

Of note, Scathing Purple Musings reviews effects of unfunded mandates on local districts here and here. The only way mandates will be funded is through increase in revenues at the local level. The mechanism is through property taxes. From Washington D.C. to Tallahassee, fiscal irresponsibility continues.

Watching Flagler School Board Colleen Conklin and possible lawsuit against the State over school funding. Read her rationale here.

Who do they think they are fooling?

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